Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zeus Pt. 2

Oooooh dramatic. Ok, the consensus was the last version was looking a bit too "Angry Santa". I couldn't agree more. So here's the new and improved moody Zeus. Thanks to my visual development class for comments. This works much better. Wouldn't want to mess with him now.


Ri.S.K. said...

Hey Jason, nice work!

I keep forgetting to ask you for your email again when I see you (I think I lost it from when I took your class) and was wondering when you're teaching the Digital Illustrative Imaging class (my lady friend is asking).

Let me know! Thanks!

thekitagawa [at]


Juan Carlos Porras said...

sick, nice and dark! Forget the happy stuff...

Julian Meyer said...

Yeah man thats pretty wicked.
Gooc Work.

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