Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Catch of the Day"

This piece was my entry for Spectrum 14, which will be out in Nov. I thank the Lord for it getting in. I had a blast working on it. I love the big monster stuff. I wanted to capture a moment of tension between the huge river monster and the fisherman right as they surprised each other. How will it all end for these two? A passive stale-mate or rip roarin' violence? You decide=)

Catch of the Day- character

Her is the charater design from the above illustration "Catch of the Day". He is truly my one badass hero character. If there's a job to be done, he'll do it. In the illustration you only get a back view, so here's a shot from the front. I'll continue with some pieces staring the village fisherman.


Hey all. APE has come and gone. Many thanks to all of you for coming by and checking out our work. My friends and I had a great time meeting and greeting everyone. And I was really surprised at the response to Red Cape & Rockets. Seeing as it was a simple mini preview of the book. Really cool though. Met some cool people, saw a lot of great artist's work's, made some great contacts. Can't ask for more. Cheers.

Red Cape charater designs

The character sheets for the Rocket boy and his arch nemesis for the Red Cape story. The rocket villian is more of a henchman for a far more diabolical character. He's basically my Boba Fett. Hope you enjoy.

More charater designs

Here are a few random ones. 4 Arms is a spindley, putrid creature. Was it once a human? Or was he always like this? Who knows. Rustbucket is my robot character glimpse shortly in the Red Cape & Rockets comic. I intend to do a comic for him also.


Hey all just doing some character designs. Here's Beowulf from norse mythology. I picture him as a ramblin' loner. Kind of disheveled. Look for Grendal coming soon

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Falseprophet

The idea behind this is an anti-christ like character coming into various lands and enslaving the people for his own diabolical needs. Me trying to being melodramatic.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Red Cape & Rockets

This piece was published in Spectrum 13. The image is the cover to a comic I'm doing for the APE conference. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.